Three Nations Education Group Inc. (TNEGI)

Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Provincial
Region: Central-West
Purpose: We are an alliance of the three largest Wabanaki communities and schools in the province, representing the educational interests of Elsipogtog, Esgenoopetitj, and Negotkuk First Nations and their schools. We deliver programs and support services to educators, students, and families of our member communities as well as to our partners in provincial schools and the non-profit sector. We operate similar to a First Nations school board and are moving towards self-government in education for our member communities, working closely with the federal and provincial governments.
Activities: We create education curriculum, training, and resources to support the use of Wabanaki land-based knowledge in our First Nation schools and provincial Anglophone and Francophone classrooms. We promote land-based learning as a necessary shift to decolonize education systems and promote a reconciled relationships between all peoples and the land. We promote Wabanaki agency, leadership, and rights-based environmental stewardship and Treaty reconciliation in the province of New Brunswick. We are the land and the land is our first teacher; all that we do is infused with our land-based knowledge, language, and identity. We wish to share this with all our relations, including non-Indigenous peoples, to co-create a better world.
Resources Available to the Public: Children’s programs, Community planning, Environmental research, Original print, audio or video educational resources, Resource library, Speakers, Workshops and events, Nature preserve or nature trails, Demonstration site