Conservation Council of New Brunswick Inc. (CCNB)

180 St. John St.
Fredericton, NB   E3B 4A9
Phone: 506-458-8747
Primary contact: Beverly Gingras
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Provincial
Region: Southeast, Central-West
Purpose: Established in 1969, the Conservation Council of New Brunswick serves as the province’s leading public advocate for environmental protection and conservation. A member of the UN’s Global 500 Roll of Honour, CCNB works to find practical solutions to help families and educators, citizens, governments and businesses protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, the precious marine ecosystem and the land, including the forests, that support us.
Activities: Environmental advocacy; researching effective public policy; public education around environmental matters; relationship-building with ENGOs, First Nations, government agencies, local producers, industry and trade associations, local communities; public speaking; publishing print and digital communications and producing video and multimedia content; media commentary; workshops and conferences; environmental consultation to communities, individuals and public officials;
Resources Available to the Public: Children’s programs, Environmental research, Original print, audio or video educational resources, Speakers, Workshops and events