Trees International

422 Darlings Island Road
Darlings Island, NB   E5N 6S8
Phone: 506-333-7200
Primary contact: Stan Devine
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: International
Region: Sunbury-Queens-Kings Counties
Purpose: Trees International is a community-based volunteer organization which is dedicated to providing a vehicle for individuals/like minded organizations to contribute to projects that have environmental sustainability as a major project outcome. Trees International has worked towards and encouraged partnerships between Canadian environmental organizations in under-developed countries. Over the past 26 years projects have included tree planting to reverse environmental erosion, children's urban tree project, native tree nurseries, sustainable business practices involving organic crop development and useful commercial value for unwanted/weed vegetation. Sustainable/green housing alternative methods to construction not dependent on traditional power sources.
Activities: Volunteers plant trees in various areas.
Resources Available to the Public: Community planning