Coalition-SGSL (SGSL)

60 Celtic Lane
Primary contact: Angela Douglas
Language of Service: French
Scope of Activities: Interprovincial
Region: Acadian Peninsula & Northeast, Kent-Miramichi, Southeast, Sunbury-Queens-Kings Counties, Southwest, Central-West, Northwest
Purpose: The Mission of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability is to promote the long-term viability of its ecosystem and communities. The Coalition-SGSL envisions the future in which the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. Our Core Values Sustainability Values: healthy communities; ecological integrity; social and economic justice; and democracy; Democratic Values: Conducting all affairs of the organization in a manner that respects a democratic tradition and process, values fairness and transparency; Professional Values: Providing leadership and service to members and partners with competence, excellence, efficiency, integrity and objectivity; People Values: Demonstrating respect, fairness and courtesy in all our dealings with the public and our members; Our Mandate: The Coalition will provide services to: Facilitate communications, networking and information sharing; Organize and/or facilitate meetings, workshops, forums or working groups; Monitor the progress of implemented strategies, policies and regulations; Assist communities to build their capacity for achieving their sustainability goals; Facilitate access to expertise in the social, economic and environmental/scientific disciplines; Promote awareness and education on sustainability as a way of life.
Activities: Community Aquatic Monitoring Program; CABIN program; Partnership in Community-University Research Alliance Coastal Communities Challenge; Atlantic Eelgrass Monitoring Consortium
Resources Available to the Public: Ecological restoration