Shediac Bay Watershed Association (SBWA)

612D Main Street
Shediac, NB   E4P 2H3
Primary contact: Rémi Donelle
Language of Service: English, French
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Southeast
Purpose: The Shediac Bay Watershed Association is a non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and enhance the Shediac Bay Watershed. The organisation envisions communities working together to foster healthy ecosystems that will sustain the quality of water for future generations.
Activities: Provide education for the public and schools, environmental monitoring (e.g., investigating public complaints), habitat restoration (e.g., installing fencing and crossings for cattle). Participation in water classification programs, and production of a wetland atlas.
Resources Available to the Public: Children’s programs, Ecological restoration, Environmental monitoring, Environmental research, Original print, audio or video educational resources, Speakers, Workshops and events, Nature preserve or nature trails, Demonstration site