Fredericton Area Watersheds Association (FAWA)

c/o 25 Colonial Heights St.
Fredericton, NB   E3B 5M2
Primary contact: Shawn Dalton
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Central-West
Purpose: The primary aims of the Fredericton Area Watersheds Association are to provide means by which interested citizens of the region can become involved in urban natural resource management efforts, to monitor and report on stream conditions, and to build strong working relationships between our community representatives and government agencies.
Activities: Citizen Stewardship -stream clean ups -storm drain painting -CityScapes program -tree nursery -tree plantings -FHS Watershed Club Community-Based Ecological Monitoring -stream surveys -fish habitat survey (funded by WTF) -biodiversity (benthic macroinvertebrates and forests) monitoring -water quality monitoring Internships and Academics -watershed delineation, social ecological and land use mapping -Valuation of urban ecosystem services -protecting the ecological structure and function of landscapes during development -FAWA/UNB annual symposium -historical geography -surface water policy in urban and rural New Brunswick Outreach and Education -general meetings -public lectures -signage program -policy database
Resources Available to the Public: Children’s programs, Ecological restoration, Environmental monitoring, Environmental research, Original print, audio or video educational resources