Comité Vert de la Polyvalente Louis-Mailloux (Comité Ver)

30 Rue Cormier
Caraquet, NB   E1W 1B7
Language of Service: French
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Acadian Peninsula & Northeast
Purpose: The vision of the Comité Vert PLM is to raise awareness, educate, and protect the environment. Their goal is to inform and raise awareness on environmental issues in the school and community.
Activities: - Organize an environment week at the school with kiosks, movies, and actions about the environment. - Maintain an Instagram and Facebook page for the student population, with posts aimed at raising awareness. - Develop partnerships for future projects. - Each week (even during the pandemic), publish capsules that feed into the school's YouTube channel. - Partner with certain classes to promote eco-friendly products that they create.
Resources Available to the Public: Original print, audio or video educational resources