East Coast Environmental Law Association (ECELAW)

6061 University Ave
Halifax, NS   B3H 2A4
Phone: (902) 494-7121
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Interprovincial
Purpose: We work to encourage the development and fair application of innovative and effective environmental laws in Atlantic Canada through public legal education, community collaboration, and legal action.
Activities: Through our free Environmental Law Inquiry Service and Legal Information Library, we offer legal information, educational resources, lawyer referrals, and other supports within our capacity to community groups, non-profit organizations, and members of the public who are navigating environmental law issues. We collaborate with organizations and community groups throughout Atlantic Canada to carry out research projects, facilitate environmental law workshops and legal clinics, and organize collectively to take action for environmental and climate justice. We partner with postsecondary institutions and students, offering opportunities for internships, pro bono research, and professional mentorship to committed law students and exceptional undergraduates in Atlantic Canada and beyond. We encourage and support participation by local law firms and independent lawyers in the field of environmental law. Our public legal education initiatives and Environmental Law Inquiry Service present opportunities for private bar lawyers to partner with us on a variety of projects according to their personal interests and capacities. We maintain working relationships with numerous government departments and policymakers and strive to participate actively in environmental law development and reform.
Resources Available to the Public: Resource library, Speakers, Workshops and events