ÉcoCité (ÉcoCité)

300, rue Martin
Edmundston, NB   E3V 0G9
Primary contact: Michel Hédou
Language of Service: French
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Northwest
Purpose: As a school committee, our group raises awareness amongst students and staff members on the different environmental issues that concern us from near or far. We work on various projects in order to protect and improve the quality of our environment.
Activities: Our committee has established a waste separation system in the cafeteria, in addition to recycling paper, used batteries, containers, ink cartridges, pens, aluminum can tabs, and bread ties. We also have a botanical garden, an organic flat bed garden, a recycling program for old cell phones, and we clean the school surroundings.
Resources Available to the Public: Ecological restoration, Environmental monitoring, Speakers, Workshops and events