New Brunswick Invasive Species Council (NBISC)

1350 Regent St Suite 260
Fredericton, NB   E3C 2G6
Phone: (705) 606-1974
Primary contact: Kristin Elton
Language of Service: English, French
Scope of Activities: Provincial
Region: Acadian Peninsula & Northeast, Kent-Miramichi, Southeast, Sunbury-Queens-Kings Counties, Southwest, Central-West, Northwest
Purpose: NBISC aims to protect New Brunswick's environmental, economic, and recreational interests from the threat of invasive species through education, capacity-building among stakeholder groups, and coordination of prevention and response efforts.
Activities: Enhance collaboration and streamlining efforts across NB on invasive species related initiatives; Engage with communities and recreational users on pathways of spread of invasive species through behavioural change programs such as CLEAN DRAIN DRY; Capacity development for environmental non-profits, enhancing their skills and access to information to better manage invasive species and roll out the programs across NB; Raise awareness across NB about invasive species and their impact through public outreach and education, research and investigate best options for mapping and response strategies to emerging invasive species.
Resources Available to the Public: Environmental monitoring, Original print, audio or video educational resources, Workshops and events