Belleisle Watershed Coalition (BWC)

PO Box 856
Hatfield Point, NB   E5T 2S4
Phone: 506-608-1503
Primary contact: Sharon Cunningham
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Sunbury-Queens-Kings Counties
Purpose: The Belleisle Watershed Coalition, established in Jan, 2013, is a non-profit, charitable organization, created to protect and promote, with the user and landowner, the sustainable environmental resources of the Belleisle Bay watershed (approx. 37,000 hectares).
Activities: The BWC is a charitable environmental organization established to support scientific research, restoration, and education within the watershed boundaries. Our projects focus on water quality, fish habitat, riparian management, and wildlife. Along with a summer project each year, the BWC has done numerous community outreach events, fundraisers, removed invasive species, held cleanups, and distributed bird boxes.
Resources Available to the Public: Children’s programs, Ecological restoration, Environmental monitoring, Environmental research