Green Light (GL)

166 Basin St
Grand Falls, NB   E3G 2J1
Primary contact: Frank Johnston
Language of Service: English, French
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Northwest
Purpose: Feu Vert or Green Light advocates for local Sustainable Development in the Grand Falls region. It is the successor to the Upper Saint John Green Space Committee 2003-2008, a small informal group founded by the late Emmett Burgess, which lobbied for and advocated Sustainable Development and Conservation of the area surrounding the Falls and Gorge. Feu Vert has advocated local walking trail development, collaborated on urban tree planting projects, mapped the distribution of White Pine in the Falls and Gorge, and lobbied (successfully) for studies that establish erosion susceptible (riparian) regions within the municipality. Its members advocated for and participated in the development of the Town Green plan.
Activities: Feu Vert continues to lobby local and provincial government on environmental and conservation issues in the Grand Falls region. Members provide occasional labour for activities such as tree planting.
Resources Available to the Public: Community planning, Ecological restoration, Environmental monitoring, Speakers