Green Light NB Enviro Club Feu Vert Inc. (GL)

399 rte 255
St-André, NB   E3Y 2V5
Primary contact: Nicole McLaughlin
Language of Service: English, French
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Northwest
Purpose: The Mission of Green Light NB Feu Vert is to promote education that leads to action on reducing the impact of the Northwestern New Brunswick region on the environment, with a focus on issues surrounding Climate Change. Three main areas of concern were identified (and are subject to change): 1. Sustainable Forestry; 2. Reduction of the use of plastics; and 3. Promotion of activities designed to reduce carbon emissions including the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs).
Activities: Our main goal is to raise awareness in the north west region about the importance of taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help citizens and municipalities take action. We regularly organize green seminars, we organize nature walks, we have a No Mow May campaign, we sometimes give trees and we are run a community garden in Grand Falls.
Resources Available to the Public: Children’s programs, Workshops and events