New Brunswick Alliance of Lake Associations (NBALA)

371 Route 636
Harvey York Co., NB   E6K 2A9
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Provincial
Region: Acadian Peninsula & Northeast, Kent-Miramichi, Southeast, Sunbury-Queens-Kings Counties, Southwest, Central-West, Northwest
Purpose: The NBALA is a province wide network of lake associations which is devoted to protecting and improving the quality of N.B. lakes for multiple values as well as promoting sound land practices around N.B. lakes. This mission will be carried out by assisting organizations and individuals through public dialogue, information exchange and collaborative efforts. The NBALA empowers established and potential member organizations to achieve their goals by promoting cooperation and serving their needs by providing a strong united voice.
Activities: The NBALA objectives include: 1. To facilitate and support a province wide Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program 2. To promote the formation of new lake associations and support the work of existing lake associations 3. To offer conferences, courses, and seminars related to lake water quality, stewardship and lake management issues.
Resources Available to the Public: Environmental monitoring, Workshops and events