Our Food Southeast NB (OFSENB)

22 Church Street
Moncton, NB   E1C 0P7
Language of Service: English, French
Scope of Activities: Local
Region: Southeast
Purpose: Our Food is a loose network serving Southeast NB (Westmoreland, Albert, Kent counties). We aim to increase good food access and create positive food environments – the physical and social spaces that help to normalize healthy eating by making it easier to grow, sell, and eat good food. We work at the individual, community and systemic level to increase the availability of nutritious food as well as our access to it.In doing so, we actively involve people in the development of more localized food systems.
Activities: We actively involve people in the development of a more localized food system by: - promoting local producers, food production that supports caring for and protecting the farmland, forests, water and wildlife that feed us; - producing our food in a way that enhances the natural spaces in our cities and countryside; - promoting food that is produced, sold and eaten as close as possible to its source; - Supporting food and agriculture innovations in line with our changing climate; and minimizing waste and energy consumption.
Resources Available to the Public: Community planning, Resource library, Speakers, Workshops and events