Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick (CECNB)

P.O. Box 1105
Salisbury, NB   E4J 3E2
Primary contact: Wendy Keats
Language of Service: English
Scope of Activities: Provincial
Region: Southeast
Purpose: CECNB is a community economic development agency with a mission to help create sustainable, healthy communities in New Brunswick by supporting the development of co-operatives and other enterprises with social, environmental, cultural, and local economic development mandates.
Activities: We assist groups start up or develop environmental co-ops and social enterprises. We also provide information and education about environmental issues and manage a facebook page called Off Grid Comments and Questions East Coast with over 1800 members who share information about sustainable environmental practices.
Resources Available to the Public: Community planning, Environmental research, Original print, audio or video educational resources, Resource library, Speakers, Workshops and events